Real Estate Agent
Information is everywhere and it's free. Sooner or later, though, you're going to want an expert opinion if you plan to buy a house. In a world where customers and clients are better informed than ever, smart investors call Kieran to find out what they can't get online or why that juicy tidbit they heard at the cocktail party may just not be true.

He grew up riding bikes and horses through the backyards, fields and woods here. He's worked on the beaches, in the restaurants and in front and back offices across the Hamptons. He's a volunteer firefighter, a little league coach, a willing cook for many local causes. His kids go to school here. He lives in Amagansett and vacations in Montauk.

And though he has his ear firmly to the ground, he's also got three computer screens fired up on his desk. Taking advantage of Saunders' award-winning marketing efforts and industry leading tech strategies, Kieran also employs a deft hand in today's information rich real estate environment.

Above all, though, Kieran knows that real estate is about service. Answering the phone, responding to emails, listening to customers' needs, and providing correct, honest and timely answers are the main skills needed to rise above in a fiercely competitive arena.

Working with buyers or sellers, Kieran's focus is always on getting the best results for his clients.

Kieran M. Brew

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
26 Montauk Highway
East Hampton, NY 11937